More brands compromised on twitter - now it's MTV / BET & it's faked

This is actually getting tedious, but here we go again, now MTV's twitter account has been hacked and it's... awkward. BET has been hacked too. Why, it is as if someone was faking it.

Some say it's been easy password guessing, but here's whet we can say for definite as outsiders: all of these accounts have twitter in common. This makes it Twitters brand issue more than anyone elses.

Jeep was copy-cat hacked just like BurgerKing the day before, and once again nobody has been quite as funny as when Patrick Carney pretended to be Justin Bieber which will be the identity-thief twitter gold standard for all time and required no "hacking" at all.

Another interesting detail about these hacked accounts is that they are all verified accounts. Seems a verified account means nothing, really, as the pranksters can spend hours fooling with the accounts, and once Twitter rolls into action, they simple shut the account down. To the horror of the social media managers, I presume. "Oh my, but all of our followers? Halp!". No worries, the shut-down is a temporary thing and the followers who were gained during the hack-pranks are still with you when you return. Clearly the "verified" stamp doesn't protect your twitter account from trojan links, java exploits or social engineering. So we know now not to hire neither old nor young for social media managing, but can we add that we'd like to have hack-proof social media? This is embarrassing for the brand of twitter first and foremost. If the gang doing this weren't so childish to only want attention with their crude and obviously off-brand tweets, they could instead have caused expensive brand damage with a well placed tweet or two. Burger King offering a horse burger, JEEP offering discounts to all those who were dishonorably discharged from the army. That sort of thing.

Meanwhile, people were joking already during the BurgerKing hack that the brand gained so many new followers that soon "hacking" a social media account would be faked, just for the attention. Is that what is going on here?

Update Yep it looks like the MTV/BET prank is just that, a prank.....

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