More on Microsoft: Gates/Seinfeld worked - while "I'm a PC" didn't.

AdAge reports on:Why Microsoft's Gates/Seinfeld Went Viral and 'I'm a PC' Ads Didn't

After two weeks in market, Visible Measures says, "Seinfeld/Gates was still collecting more than 700,000 views per day, while the 'I'm a PC' clips had tapered off to less than 50,000 views per day."

Why might this be?

Microsoft sparked a dialogue in the Seinfeld ad that isn't there in PC ads.

"So much viral video is basically word of mouth. And when you build a question into the creative, it gives people something to talk about," said Matt Cutler, VP-marketing and analytics at Visible Measures Corp.

Oh, ok, so we're back to believing that if someone talks about a campaign it means they'll buy the product? Come back to Goodby, Hyundai, with your "think about it" tagline, all is forgiven! Just show the Hyundai dealers that we all talked about the think about it tagline! Or at least thought about talking about it.

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I still watch the Seinfeld/Gates short films daily. Still trying to figure out what they were thinking. You can't call it too much of a success when they company themselves pull the campaign and quickly switch to another. I know they claim it was planned, but 10 million dollars for Seinfeld to do 2 commercials? He's not that relevant anymore.