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The Most Terrible fatal car crash ever - Intouch outsmarts youtube crash viewers

Dashboard cameras are common in Russia, and some of the most widely viewed youtube clips in Russia are of car accidents recorded on dashboard cameras. Armed with this insight, the INTOUCH Insurance company, which stands for responsible driving, wanted to convey the dreadful consequences of speeding to drivers - using the dashboard clips in a different way. BBDO Russia Group created a ten minute dash cam clip that shows a routine trip on a sunny day, and as the long clip drags on viewers get impatient and start using the scroll bar to try and find the accident. As they keep skipping forward they'll just find routine traffic, the alternative crash course is in the visuals of the scrollbar where you'll see a crash scenario of the drive and the message "DON'T RUSH" signed off by Intouch insurance.

It's like an updated version of the SHOTS reel Markenfilm ad, which was based on the insight that creatives fast forward through the commercials to get to the commercials. This was also later done by VW so we badlanded it like the killjoys we are. The knowledge that Russian youtube viewers with a morbid curiosity for crashes speed up to the crash part of any given video serves to speak to the exact target that needs to hear Intouch's message: Every year in Russia, around 200 thousand people are injured or killed in car accidents. Slow down, yo.

Very clever, I love it.

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