Mother NY puts their mothers on billboards for mothers day.

“Be the sort of individual your courting profile guarantees”,“Tell your therapist nice things about me” and “Follow your dreams, just not the kind you had in puberty” are but a few of quirky mother pearls of wisdom plastered on street posters and billboards around NYC now, leading up to Mother's day. Paul Malmström says that there's a lot of talk about "Influencers" lately, so why not bring out the ultimate influencers, our moms: “I feel our most influential individuals are the moms, and our moms. We needed to have them give us an influential voice.”

The posters also have an old-school guerilla component, wee signs positioned in dog parks that guilt trip people to clean after their dogs with a mom-stern: “I picked up yours, you pick up theirs.” (We've seen flags in actual dog shit before, a few times. For political campaigns like McCain & Trump, and also in Sweden by ad agency Miami, for example). There's also tiny posters next to trash bins declaring “Don't expect me to clean this up.” A new variant on the old “your mother doesn't work here....” seen in office kitchens worldwide.

Mother actually dispatched 150 surveys via their employees to their mothers and mother figures to see what was it that mothers really wanted for Mothers day. It was just "to be heard". To celebrate mothers day, Mother New York are closing their office the Monday after the holiday.

Ad Agency: Mother New York

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