Mott's Clamato And The Ad Gone Bad..

Quote From: Steve Hall's Adrants

Clearly a sign the GoDaddy-like, too-hot-for-TV, banned commercial strategy to milk press has jumped the shark, Motts has aired a spot for its Clamato juice featuring, simply, the brand's logo, official sounding text indicating the ad was deemed too racy for broadcast and a plea to visit the Mott's Clamato juice website to, surprise, view the commercial. A tipster points out, humorously, when attempting to view the video, all one sees is "Error 509 Bandwidth limit exceeded." Apparently, the spot's too hot for the web too.

There are now at least two Mott's Clamota television commercials airing that imply they are from the an-aired commercial, but both commercials are "censored". At the end of the commercials, the viewer is asked to "go to".

The video on the Mott's Clamato web site is a "behind the scenes documentary" of "the making of the Ad gone bad".

Stay tuned.

Back in 1969, Clamato was way ahead with a jokey ad about Genetically Modified Food.

Motts - "Clamato" - 1969 commercial

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It's a bit... Truth in advertising-ey... Kinda....

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It seems like Clamato wanted to create some fake controversy....but they would've gotten more press by creating some real Paris and Carl Jr.

All this talk about clams and beavers from a product that's been mum for a bit strange.....

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Whatever the reasoning is behind the Mott's Clamato ad campaign, I think it is designed to be a kind of 'bait and switch' ad campaign.