Mouvement du Nid "Bad pleasure" (2016) :50 (France)

What seems like NSFW at first isn't. The message at the end is really powerful, though. The only people who take pleasure from prostitution are the criminals. The client, Mouvement du Nid association offers assistance to more than 5000 prostitutes each year. Most of them are of foreign origin, often single mothers and always in a state of economic, social and family distress. In other words the women they help are generally poor and enslaved. Because the "prostitution is empowering," story is by and large a myth.

Executive Creative Directors: Julien Chiapolini and Riccardo Fregoso
Art Director: Flora Sagnes
Copywriter: Benjamin Homsy
CEO: Bruno Tallent
Account Manager: Fiona Ferrier-Weil
Account: Coline Dechelette
TV Producer: Séverine Collandre
Production: Excuse My French
Director: Agathe Riedinger
Sound Production: Capitaine Plouf

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