Move over Libero and Huggies, Armani now makes diapers

Forget the Huggies high fashion diapers, which followed the Libero fashion trend in Scandinavia, now Armani Russia sells diapers. Or diaper covers, rather. Because if you are a filthy rich Russian, of course your heir should be strutting their porch-baby stuff in branded cloth. Silver spoons don't just appear from nowhere, people! They have to be bought.

It's not just diapers, or rather diaper covers, it's the clever launch of Armani Baby clothes. Onsies for the richest of them. Why not? I've seen Adidas baby sneakers on lap-babies who can't walk, and those ain't cheap either, folks.

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I'm very curious what these diaper covers cost

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a shit ton.

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Ba dum tssssh