Movember men never fear, the stache-shield is here and will keep food out of your face.,

Odd Company have a fully financed kickstarter for the 'stache-shield', a revived idea from yore, where a stainless 'viking' steel plate and a smart leather strap marry to make a moustache protector that can be used on your face, on your drink, or simply worn as a necklace.
Odd Company has some roots in the often noted agency Studio Total, who burned money in the name of feminism, while being burned by their own client, and had their "orgasm ad" banned by the advertising ombudsman. Still as irreverent as ever, they hope the stache-shield becomes the christmas gift of the year, as 10% of the income will be donated directly to the Movember foundation.

A related fundraiser is VapoMo - Menthol Moustache Wax Movember Fundraiser created by a UK junior creative team who promise that it'll even cure the manflu.

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