Mr. Clean "Cleaner of your dreams" (2017) :30 (Canada)

In this Super Bowl spot, an animated and muscular Mr. Clean arches his back and dances all sexy like and wife/mom gets in the mood for boning. So much so that when Dad Bod appears and Mr. Clean dematerializes, she jumps him. Why? Because "you gotta love a man who cleans," the tagline tells us. It's an incredibly silly spot. And like Wendy's frozen beef spot which is also appearing in the Super Bowl this year, this spot is oddly pedestrian. It's your one chance to make a splash in front of a lot of eyes and you give us someone dancing around whilst cleaning campaign like Swiffer did almost 15 years ago now. Except with a weird cleaning sex fetish layer on top. Let's hope the game is more interesting.

Client: P&G/Mr Clean
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

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Here's someone who figured out the Brawny sexy strategy was successful, but they just don't understand why.