MSC Canada orders WWF to remove "We don't farm like this" ad. WWF obeys.

So, according to news reports, and these comments, MSC Canada ordered WWF to remove animation because they're the boss of the World Wildlife Fund‎.

Apparently the reason for MSC ordering WWF to yank their ad off the air is because it's good at its job: "The message delivered in the animation is confusing, creates a negative message about some fishing gears" Well, yeah. That was its goal.

And clearly, the WWF have actually removed the films, from youtube channel, from their vimeo, and Canadian food retailer Loblaw who has made a commitment to source all seafood sold in its retail locations from sustainable sources by the end of 2013, and had the video on its homepage, has removed it too.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Do not make cute animated videos that attract the wrath of Marine Stewardship Council for hey will ask you to remove it and then everyone will write about that and, oh wait, that's a good plan for more earned media. *takes notes*

WWF we don't farm like this.

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Wins distract that reader prize.

I (consumer mode) had no clue what was the message until the 'very subtle' net and drag line entered the forest. I grew up in fishing and farming jobs so I know better to say anything about the fishing regulator's duties. I will say the line, "We don't hunt like this" would be better. I felt like PETA scripted the ad. Good call to kill it.

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P.S. This is why one keeps activist lawyers away from the docks: (the Westport News article has been pulled (No doubt a knee breaker from Annapolis asked newspaper to take news down before somebody gets hurt.).

Md. Senate committee approves DNR secretary nomination despite Gill’s recent conflicts with commercial fishermen.

March 4, 2014 Mid Atlantic
A couple dozen watermen came to oppose Gill’s nomination, and some said the snowstorm had prevented many more from coming. They see Gill as an ill-tempered bully who dislikes the commercial fishing industry. Gill’s supporters say that isn’t his personality and doesn’t reflect his record with the DNR, where he was the principal attorney for 14 years and the deputy secretary since 2010. Read more here 05:59"