MTV - Shit - (2009) :40 (Argentina)

Crazy people. Three guys are out walking when one of them steps in a pile of perfect doodoo. Perfect! In fact he enjoys stepping in this particular shit so much he encourages his friends to smell it. This commercial is the winner in the category "new talent" in the festival "El Ojo de Iberoamerica", in Buenos Aires.

Personally I'm enjoying the not so subtle connection made between MTV and shit in this skit, probably more than they intended.

Client : MTV
Agency : Brother Escuela de Creativos, Buenos Aires

Director: Mauro Suarez & Ricardo Corsaro

Carlos Muller & Pato del Sante : Creative Director
Cynthya Villa Soto & Max Preciado : Art Director
Román Palma : Copywriter
Rodrigo Gismera : Copywriter

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