MTV Thinks?

MTV's been running a daily MTV Think - Break the Addiction campaign in the US for the last month or so, where the intentions are good in a save-the-planet sort of way, but they appear to have forgotten who their viewer demos are. Along with handy tweener tips like using biodiesel and composting, they suggest insulating water heaters, walls and ceiling, installing double pane glass, minimizing personal use of whale oil for illumination purposes, and " energy certificates to make up for the pollution that we cause." I'm sure the TRL crowd will get right on that.

Anyway, I saw another one of their PSAs this weekend, and... maybe it's just me, but there appears to be some even faultier logic at play this time around. Look above to see the screenshot of the tip du jour...

That's akin to saving fuel and cattle by barbecuing beef on a high efficiency grill.

(In MTV's defense, they've been giving out helpful advice too.)

And no, they didn't really do the whale oil PSA, but still... try to cut down on your consumption of the stuff, because whales are people too or something.

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Do I need to print out something on both sides of the paper and photocopy what I've just printed onto both sides?? What a mess. And how stressfull.

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I always grill the beef on a highly tuned grill. leads to less wasted beef (more of it makes it in the gullet)