Müller Rice Remix - Karaoke (2014) :30 (UK)

Word to your Müller.

For some strange reason this is my Art Director's favourite ad of 2014. Every single day coming back from work we walk past a 'Tasty B Rice Remix' poster and she does DJ hands and starts dancing. Shame about her lactose intolerance though - she'll never eat a rice pudding in her life, poor thing.

Tasty B is a Müller Rice Ambassador, a rapper, an entrepreneur and a bear. I'm not as wild about this as my batshit crazy AD, but I do find it funny how the creative team quite blatantly started with the line 'Rice Rice Baby' and then worked backwards. The character, the rapping, the quiff, the behavioural insight they presented to the client - I'm willing to bet the line came first and everything else got built up around it.

Is there anything wrong with that? It's funny. People like funny and people love talking animals. And in the advertising world, they're pretty much interchangeable concepts these days.

Advertising Agency: VCCP Blue, London, UK

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Anthropomorphic animals are a classic advertising standby. I have no idea why they amuse so, but they do.