MYOB - Candy - (2014) 2:40 (Australia)

PayDirect is a Bluetooth enabled credit card reader from MYOB that lets small businesses in Australia take payments on their phone. Creative director Stanley Johnson worked with writer/director Steve Callen and The Directors Group to make this online film. The MYOB tagline is “Love your work” and the hard working business person featured ... really does. I'll say no more, don't want to spoil it.

Title: Candy
Client: MYOB
Agency: MYOB (In-House)
Creative Director: Stanley Johnson
Writer: Steve Callen
Director: Steve Callen
DOP: Matt Chuang
Editor: Jon Holmes
Typography: Ed Howley
Music: Justin Pounsett
Marketing Manager: Rebecca Roberts
GM Marketing: Caroline Ruddick
Broadcast Producer: Sophie Simmons
MYOB Producer: Sam Joy
Exec Producer: Craig Griffin
Production Co: The Directors Group

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