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Mystery ad in Metro uk says #VoteRemain - sender claims to be frustrated citizen

A supposed self-financed single page advert in the London Metro from a private citizen encourages fellow Britons to remain in the UK. Spotted by Christian Baker who shared it on twitter, where it quickly gained retweet momentum. The idea of a private person sharing his views regarding the upcoming EU vote is exciting, and the language used is chummy, even charmingly relaxed. The mystery is, who has approx £30,000 to spend on simply sharing their opinion about a really important referendum when they could just tweet for free?

"Vote Remain or Leave, up to you, but do it based on facts not fear!" states the ad, which also shows a neat little pie-chart of what 300,000 immigrants look like in comparison to the rest of the UK population. Spoiler alert: it's a tiny slice of the pie. Another spoiler alert - so is the 'immigration' slice of the EU question.

As the Telegraph reports "The man - who hasn't yet piped up on social media to confirm who he is - has been hailed as a 'legend', while others said he deserves to be bought a pint,"which is journalism for "we translated a twitter thread into a news article from the office, but didn't Call Metro's ad department to find out who placed the blooming ad."

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