National Geographic "Bad Romance" (2017) :50 (USA)

National Geographic cable network has a new show produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, called Genius, about a genius named Albert Einstein. In this spot, the titular character, played by Geoffrey Rush, is playing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" on the violin. Which seems very meta considering Gaga is playing the halftime show, and this ad will air directly after it. All in all it's a nicely done promo and shot incredibly well, as far as a TV promo goes. It reminds me of a weird movie from the late 80's called Young Einstein, in which Einstein, played by Australian one hit wonder Yahoo Serious, discovers the electric guitar. So it's kinda familiar, but also kinda not. And so far my assessment of the Super Bowl spots is that they're a giant bowl of Meh, it's nice to see something that isn't trying too hard.

Client: National Geographic Network
Production: Smuggler
Director: Ivan Zacharias
Agency: McCann

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