The National Lottery - #PleaseNotThem / James Blunt You're Beautiful (2016) :40 (UK)

AMV BBDO have a different tactic in enticing people to pay "stupidity tax", instead of promising how much fun you could have for the untold millions, they show you who really should not be getting those untold millions. Prevent them from winning! Play the lotto out of spite! I like it, nice zig-zag on ye old lottery strategy. Here we get to see James James Blunt is the "Please not them" celebrity, as he plans to install himself singing "You're beautiful" in every mirror of the world. You know, the song that went from zeitgeist to mega-hit, to overplayed, to if I hear that again I will strangle you with your own guitar-strings, in roughly five minutes flat back in 2004. James cheerfully mocks himself, and his ear-worm creation, as he playfully and self-depreciatingly acts a maniac who wishes to win the lottery just to keep singing that in everyones mirror. Car accidents and hilarity in mens rooms ensue. Please don't let him win.

Ad agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi
Creatives : Charlotte Adorjan, Michael Jones, Tim Riley
Agency planner :Craig Mawdsley ,Matt Jones
Agency account managers: Sarah Douglas, Kate Lloyd Bobbie, Gannon Nadia Singh
TV producer : Miles Nathan
Media agency : Vizeum

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