The Nature Conservancy "Can't live without nature" (2014) 1:00 (USA)

Your first love wants you back. This PSA is a love letter to nature, our first love. Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain narrates the poem "Our Nature," by Matthew Dickman. It was also directed by Peyton Wilson. The film is very nostalgic and dreamy, matching the poem's tone. As an emotional piece it works well. I'm missing the urgency of the conservancy's mission though. Visually this seems more like an add for rediscovering nature, rather than conserving it, except for the last ten seconds.

Client: The Nature Conservancy
Production: O Positive
Director: Peyton Wilson

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"can't live without nature"

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Typo in headline fixed.

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This is such pretty music. What's the name of the artist and song?