NatWest "The flying winger" (2015) 1:40 (UK)

NatWest is a big sponsor of Rugby. And they want more people to get excited about it. What better way than to create an exciting video? Welsh rugby legend Shane Williams throwing a rugby ball out of a microlight, thousands of feet in the air. Gary Connery, extreme sports enthusiast, dives out of the microlight after it. This was the first legal jump from a microlight, as well.

Client: NatWest
Client: Allan Watson, Marketing Manager
Sam Ball, Will Grave, Yury Vorobev, Leanne Silman, Max Arkell, Kara Morland, Nick Kelly, Toan Ravenscroft, Neil Hopkins
Senior Account Manager : Max Arkell
Allan Watson. Marketing Manager
Copywriter Will Grave
Art director Yury Vorobev
Planner/CSU Director Kara Morland
Media: Zenith Optimedia
Media planner: Alistair Wong, Sarah Arnold
Production company: Extreme
Director: Alistair Clarke
Post Production: Extreme

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That was mental.