NBA "Chinese New Year: Secret Envelope" (2017) :30 (USA)

During Chinese New Year, red envelopes full of surprises are given out.This year, the NBA has gotten in on the fun. As part of its campaign “This Is Why We Play,”the NBA celebrates Chinese New Year festivitiesand wishes millions of Chinese basketball fans Happy New year. Included in the fun are Houston Rockets’ James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin, Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, and the New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis.
Neat to see the basketball players as paper versions of themselves until the ending when they wish all of China Happy New Year. I love to see how sports can cross cultures so easily like this. And of course the NBA loves it from from the standpoint of growing market share.

CEO: Lewis Henderson
President: Tom Meyer President
EVP, Managing Director: Brad Groves
VP, Group Creative Director: Harris Wilkinson
Agency Producer: John Suits
Art Director: Matt Keltz
Copywriter: Brian Keltz
Production Company: Granite Grove
Director: Rob Meltzer
Executive Producer: Silke Thompson
Creative Director, Motion GRFX & VFX: Elliott Jobe
Head of Post Production: Daniel Elkayam
Production Company: Ringer
Director: Rob Meltzer
Executive Producer: Silke Thompson
Head of Post-Production: Daniel Elkayam
Creative Director, Motion Graphics & VFX: Elliott Jobe
Editor: Ryan Eaton
DP: Johnny Ching
Production Designer: Sean Costello

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