Netflix asks, What's better than a movie in your mailbox?

"Back when I was young, we had to trek out to the videostore in the pouring rain, uphill - both ways!"

Those days are far gone now that Netflix pops a movie in your mailbox. A new campaign by Fred&Farid at Goodby Silverstein and Partners juxtaposes the thrill of delivery with the more mundane stuff in life....

Neil Harris directed the campaign with Declan Quinn as DOP and Kirk Baxter as editor via the production company Smuggler, while the account was handled by Robert Riccardi and Priscilla Alvarez, the agency producer was Tammy Smith-White.

Watch the Quicktime commercials:

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Just some adding to the Netflix woha... they plan to be one of the early ones sending your flix via The Net next year (read more at

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