#NeverSettle, Oneplus releases sandstone non-slippery products

True their company motto to #NeverSettle, OnePlus set out to solve those annoying problems we meet daily in live, including slippery shoes, phones, soaps and cups. Inspired by sandstone case you can get with OnePlus phone, they realized it is the ultimate cure against slippery things. Today OnePlus have released several new lifestyle products in their store. They're sandstoning everything! Get a OnePlus sandstone iPhone6 case now and never drop that thing again.

Never Settle can mean a lot of different things to different people. The way we see it, it’s all about making good things even better.
That’s what inspired our #GetSandstoned line of lifestyle products.
We don’t settle for slippery cups that get chocolate milk all over our keyboards and dignity, and we don’t settle for soap that’s about as easy to wrangle as a penguin in a bathtub.
Above all else, we are raising the bar of the Sandstone game.
Don’t settle for the slippery and uncontrollable.
Never Settle. And #GetSandstoned

April Fools!
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