The new ad-tactic - Christvertising. "If the guy above loves your product, so will people"

Holy wtf, the christians have caught on to the hype, learned a few buzzwords and invented a few more and now there's Christvertising where prayer can make your product be positioned in a positive light in the eyes of that guy in the sky. If he likes it, everyone else will. Talk about the great influencer, right?

No, really. Srsly. Check out Try not to let your jaw drop all the way down to the floor. Or die of laughter.

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alex's picture

I have sent this giant rabbit in a tutu by the power of prayer.

alex's picture

Hang on. I'll try again.

alex's picture

I have sent this Eva Green by the power of prayer.

alex's picture

No, wires getting crossed. It's not as easy as it looks.

Plywood's picture

For the first 5 seconds I thought it was Duckie from Pretty in Pink.

kurtberengeiger's picture

"If you like your product, so do we. And more importantly, so does God."

alex's picture

I'm sure BAE Systems love all their explodey products. I'm sure the porn industry are pretty keen on their products, too.

andromeda's picture

Please tell me this is fake. Although if it a viral for anything at all, I'll be very annoyed.

smizzly_bob's picture

This has got to be fake.

Neo's picture

Good satire always leaves you wondering if they're serious or not.