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New Facebook "No, Thanks" pop up cleverly disguised as privacy management

Facebook is about to start intermittently nagging you, but it's not like they haven't done this before.

Facebook has always cared about your privacy. Seriously. I'm as critical of them as the next guy, but they know as well as anyone else, one step too far, and Facebook can, and would, go the way of MySpace. These are the things insomnia is made of, well, that and clowns.

In case you're only 20, you have a bad short term memory, or both, there's a long history of Facebook gradually shuffle stepping around when it comes to privacy and your control of your own information.

Reality is a bitch.

The dirty secret is that the piper is the piper, he only pipes when he's paid, and when you promise it will always be free, expect that you're going to have to find a different way to pay the bills. It's not that Facebook doesn't care, it's that they can't afford to care. Because when it's a matter of serving your users ads they don't want, or paying the bills, there's really only one answer, isn't there? When your back is against the wall, it doesn't matter that you're Facebook, you do what you have to.

Notifications to remind you of what you're supposed to do, they work so great for your system utilities, appointments, anniversaries, and birthdays, why not add them into your Facebook? Sure some people might opt in, but given the record, it's a tool, not much more.

Since I earn my bread and water stirring the pot, consider:

How many people have the same login info for their Facebook account as their iCloud account?

Could be trouble when social integration leads to the breakdown of all of one's logins, best cover your ass while you have something to cover it with...

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