New Sony Work Takes A Literal Leap

The new Sony Campaign, created by McKinney-Silver, Durham, NC is a classic example of a small, literal idea, wrapped with a bushel of dough, just like an overpriced mold begotten burrito. Let's see. The product bennie is simple enough: the digital camera is equipped with anti-blur technology. Nice. The ad campaign is not so nice. It's not mean. It’s just, well, beat. Flat. Zzzz.

The concept: The camera takes such clear pictures that it unleashes the picture taker's muse. Formula: "Unleash your inner muse." The campaign follows the logical next step, which is, to show the muse being 'unleashed'.

Frankly, it's lame ideas like this that give advertising a bad name.

Here you have a wonderful product innovation delivered to consumers via an uninspired, cliché-dripping story. The product, though, won’t last long on store shelves – it’s a terrific innovation – one that will sell itself to the doze induced public, so the agency responsible for the unimaginative work will never be accused of poor sales.

Coincidentally, the aforementioned agency is responsible for the lackluster Audi work. For years, this stellar automotive manufacturer has been publicly branded in typically bland fashion. Yet, Audi continues to sell well. Is one to conclude, then, insipid advertising is what marketers must ‘aspire’ to in order to move product? Heavens no. What it does prove, however, is that great products, coupled with incessant product innovation and design (Ever wonder why Audi sells so well? Ever seen an Audi? Ever drive one? Ever remembered an Audi ad?), transcend poor advertising. Conversely, not-so-great products (I.e. Burger King) that incorporate non-linear concepts create consumer interest, or at least persuade the consumer to pause and consider the product.

The moral: Find yourself a client, or two, whose product is so good, so innovative, so welcomed by the public, that any advertising will do. Then, you can go about the business of looking busy while not having to be busy thinking of fresh ideas.

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considering the agency i'm a little surprised.

also to your comment:

Is one to conclude, then, insipid advertising is what marketers must

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I've noticed a lot of that in Archive for the last year or maybe even last couple of years. Puns and "campaigns" with the same headline and the only thing that changes in the visual is the ethnicity of the person in the photograph or some other lame thing like that.

I wish Archive would stop giving "props" to creative folk who don't get what a campaign really means.