New York Lotto "Pet Whisperer" (2015) :30 (USA)

This reminds me of that adage, if you're poor, you're crazy. If you're rich, you're eccentric. This woman who spends a bunch of money to become a pet whisperer is eccentric with a capital E. Not to mention pervy.

Client: New York Lotto
Agency: McCann NY
Eric Silver, North American Chief Creative Officer
Tom Murphy, Chief Creative Officer New York
Nathy Avriam, Chief Production Officer
Mat Bisher, Executive Creative Director
Grant Smith, Executive Creative Director
Grant Smith, Writer
Jillian Goger, Group Creative Director
Jillian Goger, Writer
Matt Swinburne, Creative Director
Raphael Milczarek, Creative Director
Raphael Milczarek, Art Director
Chauncey Hollingsworth, Senior Copywriter
Stephen Icardi, Art Director
Zoe Kessler, Art Director
Molly Wilkof, Copywriter
Deb Archambault, Senior Integrated Producer
Loly McIndoe, Senior Integrated Producer
Bryan Litman, Senior Integrated Producer
April Gallo, Senior Print Producer
Lauren LaValle, Group Account Director
Geordie Larratt-Smith, Account Supervisor
Rachel Heiss, Account Executive
Mike Medeiros, Executive Planning Director
Kenny Gold, Associate Director, Social
Caitlin Bishop, Digital Strategist
Gingerpic – Frames
Executive Creative Director: Fabiano Feijo
Producers: Ana Azambuja, Ali Lewis
Art Direction: Fabiano Feijo, Fabricio Moraes
3D Manager: Fabricio Moraes
Lead 3D Modelers: Fabricio Moraes, Guilherme Formenti, Gustavo Schinner
3D Shading and Texturing: Guilherme Formenti & Fabricio Moraes
Lead Concept Artists: Flavio Hoffe / Artur Rocha
Lead Photoshop Artists: Veronica Otero, José Feijó, Fabiano Feijó
Andrew Rae – Illustrator
BREEL – Digital Field Guide
Managing Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Art Director: Mike Potter
Art Director: Marley Stellmann
Designer : Tom Kemper
Animator: Elaine Lee
Motion Designer: Po-Chen Chia
Technology Director: Eric Heaton
Developer: Lucas Dupin
Director of Production: Myke Gerstein
Senior Producer: Ryan Leong
O Positive – TV
Director: Jim Jenkins
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Producer: Marc Grill
Production Manager: Brynn Maguire
Mackenzie Cutler – Post TV
Editor: Ian Mackenzie
Assistant Editor: Mike Leuis
Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfield
Pomann Sound – Radio
Mixer/Sound Designer: Justin Kaupp

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