NFL "Home Sweet Home" (2016) 2:37 (USA)

Set to Motley Crue's "Home sweet home," the entire football world is getting excited that finally, summer is just about over and we can get back to the game that matters. Seen throughout the video are groundskeepers, camera crew, coaches, fans and football players including The Steelers' Antonio Brown, Former Giant Michael Strahan former Packer and Raider Charles Woodson, The Denver Broncos' Von Miller and the Cowboys' owner, Jerry Jones. Nice moments of comedy and heartfelt silliness in here.

Client: NFL
Creative Agency: Grey NY
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Directors: Leo Savage and Jeff Stamp
Group Creative Director: Joe Mongognia
Creative Director/Copywriter: Evan Benedetto
Designer/Art Director: Robert Jencks
Project Director: Hank Romero
SVP, Account Director: Alan Perlman
Senior Account Executive: Lucy Hallowell
Production Company: NFL Films
Supervising Producer: Rob Gehring
Directors: Rob Gehring, Steve Trout, Bob Angelo, Shannon Furman, Samantha Kordelski
Line Producer: Elizabeth Leafey Reeve
Production Coordinator: Jeff Stupak
Camera: Christopher Bell, Andre Labous, Dave Sharples, Kevin Simkins, DJ McConduit, Al Francesco, Donald Marx, Dave Malek, Gareth Paul Cox, Brent Buntyn, Dave Schwandner
Executive Production: Townhouse
Executive Producer: Alison Horn
VP, Producer: Bruce McDonald
Assistant Producer: Alex Litke
VP, Music Producer: Zach Pollakoff
Editorial: Final Cut
Editors: JD Smyth and Spencer Campbell

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