Nike Soccer - American Woman - (2015) :60 (USA)

Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan and younger girls are struggling with solo practice. Then the music kicks in, and the individuals play together to make a better team. At least that's what we're supposed to see in this somewhat pedestrian soccer ad. Music is 70% of a commercial they say, but that doesn't mean you should slack on the directing and editing, people. Set to the anti-American song "American Woman" by Canadian band The Guess Who's, wisely missing the bit where they sing "I don't need your war machines, I don't need your ghetto scenes" and instead using the line "American woman, stay away from me" as if all the other teams fear this one, we are lead to one conclusion: "Strong alone. Unstoppable together"

The most interesting thing about this ad is that it's made by Thousands Creative, a two man shop of former Nike people in Portland, Oregon. So fresh on the scene that they only have a spartan tumblr site, this creative team managed to take a chunk of Nike work as their main client.

Client: Nike
Ad agency: Thousands Creative

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I think maybe you missed the underlying implication that there is a new "younger" guard taking over the USWNT and US soccer in general. The ad starts with veteran players like Christie Rampone and Abby Wambach, among others looking tired and worn out after training sessions and long practices doing drills seemingly by themselves. They are looking for relief, or a pick-me-up and as the music kicks-in you see them being motivated by the energy and youth of their younger counter parts (Christen Press, Sydney Leroux, and Alex Morgan) and fresh faces that are poised to take over the reigns from the old guard. It also very poignently highlights team unity that is ever-present in the youth game, something that is taught from an early age. One player alone cannot win a game, it takes teamwork. I think it's a good message for our youth. Just my opinion anyway.

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This is ad is really poorly directed if that's what they wanted to come across.

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I just like that they had the NCAA Womens Champs on there also. Go Lady Noles!!

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Yeah, I have to agree with Adam, if the message was a "changing of the guards" of sorts, with the younger women taking over from the well known faces, it's not very well directed at all because that story is not well told. I'm sure that was justified on paper/in the deck - but it's not seen here other than young women playing with well known older sports celebs. You could read that as "they're inspiring the young women" or whatever.