Nissan Juke - Built to thrill / Skydive - (2012) :60

How do you show off an ad that's part dune-buggy, part snowboard, part scuba diver and all thrill? Toss yourself out of an airplane and have it assembled around you on the way down, of course. Like, du'h.

The Nissan JUKE is inherently known for its innovation in the small car category by offering
a small crossover car for men with polarising design. The campaign has therefore, seen a
heavy tie in to Nissan’s in house design team to get to the heart of how the Nissan JUKE is
Bruno Mattucci, Nissan Europe Marketing Communications General Manager; commented:
“As part of Nissan Europe’s Power 88 Mid Term Plan, JUKE will play a key role in driving
our market share growth objective - the Nissan JUKE has already delivered 170,000 retail
sales in Europe since late 2010. This campaign therefore aims at strengthening our brand
opinion whilst positioning Juke as a unique premium crossover in the B segment.”
Ewan Veitch, President of TBWA\G1 added: “The focus on human emotion plays into the
new strategy. Previously, communications have concentrated on the car and how it interacts
with its environment. This campaign has been developed to communicate the excitement
and thrill that the driver gets from a premium and high performance, yet accessible, model.
‘Built To Thrill’ celebrates both the truth of the car’s design DNA and the resultant
excitement from owning and driving one.”
Alasdair MacGregor-Hastie, TBWA\G1 Executive Creative Director, commented: “The new
Nissan JUKE campaign builds on the energy of the launch work but in a more explosive
way. The idea was born from a truth about the car, that it was inspired by adventure sports.
In fact by talking to the team at NISSAN DESIGN EUROPE of the JUKE, we really
understood what the car was all about. This is a fantastic campaign and is a guaranteed
success, much like the car itself.”
The pan-European campaign will launch in mid-March 2012; the TVC the 12th of March and
will be heavily supported by Retail, Social Media, Print (featuring the behind the scene
content film), OOH, Digital and Experiential.
The musical backdrop, composed by ‘The Horrors’, is in beat with the thrilling and exciting
attitude of the campaign, incorporating the impactful sound design seamlessly into the
composition to deliver a very epic and realistic feel. The powerful track has been constructed
with key syncs and gradual build-ups to enhance the dramatic feel of the ad.

Project: NISSAN JUKE “Built to Thrill”
Clients : Bruno Mattucci, Arnaud Charpentier, Timothée Gazeau, Thomas Rodier, Elena Karpenko
Agencies: TBWA\G1, TBWA London, \Else
Creative director: Alasdhair MacGregor-Hastie
Creative team: Fabio Abram & Braulio Kuwabara

Account Management: Ewan Veitch, Celina Eude, Eva Gotteland, Thien-Huong Pham, Gaelle Guillou
TV Producer: Maxime Boiron
Production: Henry De Czar
Director: Lieven Van Baelen
DOP:  Nicolas Karakatsanis
Executive Producer: Jean Ozannat
Line Producer: Louis Saint Calbre
FX: Mikros
Executive Vfx Producer: Jean-Lin Roig
Vfx Producer: Christophe Huchet
Vfx Supervisor: Antoine Carlon
Vfx Shooting Supervisor: Antoine Carlon & Laurent Creusot
Head of 3D Studio, commercials: Julien Meesters

Producteur: Benoit Dunaigre
Production and sound design: \Else
Composer: The Horrors
Title of the music: “The Kraken”
Publishing house of the music Chrysalis 
Label: Beggars / XL
Art buying/Producer Louise Cripps, Claire Delafons, Trudy Waldron
Photographer: Luke Kirwan
Set Designer : Lyndsay Milne
Set Building : Andy Knight

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