Nivea - Black & White Dress (2016) :30 (Australian dub)

This Nivea ad has the model dancing around in her black and white dress to demonstrate the product benefit: "black stays black, and white stays white." Translated into many European languages the USP mantra "sort forblir sort, hvidt forblir hvidt", and "witt blift witt" is now dancing around in your head as you're at the supermarket in the personal hygiene aisle. The black and white can with the dress on it reinforces the black and white dress in the ad, and there's no escape from recalling the product benefit here. In twenty odd languages. It's an annoying ad, for sure, but I bet it sells deodorant. I roll my eyes every time I see the forced arms in the air dancing, I feel bad for the model who probably did that for hours - "help, I can't feel my hands." This ad is currently airing in many edits in Australia and all of Europe and will annoy us for at least a year to come.

Client: Nivea

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