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No place to stay? Try Notfairbnb

Brussels has a homeless problem that has doubled from 2,603 to nearly 5,500 in three years. Add to this the fact that 50,000 people have no fixed address and this country of just over one million people has a big problem on its hands especially now in the middle of winter.
Solidarité Grands Froids (Solidarity in the Great Cold) and TBWA Belgium came up with a so-simple-it's-surprising-no-one-did-it-before idea to get people thinking about the plight of the homeless a little differently.
Notfairbnb seems like your every day rental site, at first. Except the places to stay are actual spots where homeless people sleep at night, complete with dark satirical write ups about the lodgings, too. If you "book," one of the spots, you'll donate money to Solidarité Grands Froids. Nice, easy idea for raising cash to help out. I might have taken it one step further though; if you know the "addresses" of where people sleep, why not encourage face-to-face interaction, too? For those who want to do more than just click and donate.

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It was done last year: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/dangerous-calais-jungle-airbnb-listings-7557505