Nokia 5310 & N78 - Lips Vs Mindreader - (2008) :30 (UK)

I'm sorry Wieden & Kennedy & tokyoplastic - you're hipper than hepcats but I despise these ads. They just bug me, probably because this one is running *constantly* during the single hour I watch telly a week. We get it! Take them off the damn air already!

Matt Gooden & Ben Walker : Creative Director
Ida Gronblom : Art Director
Fabian Bergund : Copywriter
Jon Chads : Agency Producer
Jane Bolton : Producer
Jane Bolton : Executive Producer
Director : tokyoplastic
Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Post Production: Finish TV
Editor: Sam Lanyon Jones
Sound Design: Andrew Cope

Music “Lips Vs Mindreader’
Title Track: “Punk Rock Version of God’
Artist: The Freelance Hellraiser (real name Roy Kerr)
Publisher:Universal Music/Bluesky/Big Life
Record Label:Brightside/Sony Bmg
Music Co:Damunki
Producer:Pim Aldridge

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