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Nokia - Do whatever (Mer Strøm) - 0:60 (2004) (Denmark) - Global

Yes, That is Bj¯rn Svin screaming that he wants more electricity (in Danish) at the beginning of the titlesong: Mer Str¯m

This ad is Global, produced in Denmark.

Bj¯rn Christiansen, a.k.a Bj¯rn Eskobar, Bj¯rn Svin and even MC K¯rekort (a pun that means motorcycle licence) released the track "Mer Str¯m" in 1997 on the album Riomantic and as a single, a 12" in 1998. Post production by

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i liked it! the message really easy to get and the music, it strengthen the message even more..

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Very interesting animation. Could have pushed the envelope a bit further though. Wonder who animated it.
I agree that the music is awesome.

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The post house Ghost in Copenhagen Denmark animated it.

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I'm rating this ad high just for the soundtrack. Animation is cool too but the music makes it. :)