Non smoking ads lie - twice over.

Anti-tobacco briefs have been cracked every which way by now - so it's easy to fall into the trap of doing what others have done, as happened back in 1996, Welcome to Marlboro ads. Here's another case of same thought anti-tobacco ads.

Recently the Swedish anti-tobacco lobbyists came out with a new campaign, all based on lies, damn lies and more lies. The whole lying thing is the point, or rather idea of the campaign - tobacco companies lie don't they?

This poster reads "Cigarette filters contain mouse droppings". Outrageous lie of course. Another headline read:

"Guys who start smoking before fully grown develop smaller penises (than non-smokers)."


Alex pointed out that it all felt veeeery familiar...

Well, it's probably just a case of thinking in the same pattern rather than a direct rip-off, I think, since the English campaign is miles better. It tells you the whole story in one poster and fewer words, whereas the Swedish campaign requires you to actually visit a website to find out the punchline: "If tobacco companies lie, so can we".

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