Norton finds "Santa got hacked" - the naughty & nice list is gone.

Slim Pictures Director Jason Headley brings Santa’s worst nightmare to life in a three episode spot by Grey San Francisco for Norton security. The online ads chronicle Santa’s reaction to a laptop infected with the “bah-humbug” virus that has taken his Naughty and Nice list for ransom. Headley began with Emma Brooke’s sharply written script and infused his droll humor into the writing. Using a clever mix of comedy and frustration, the resulting campaign shows how even Santa can be pushed to his limit under a cyber attack to demonstrate that no one is safe from online security hacks this holiday season. The actor cast as Santa gives him just the right dose of jolly and reality as confused old guy with infected laptop.

The first of the three episodes sends Santa into a panic when he discovers that his list is gone and even the police - who was once on the naughty list but promises it was just a phase - can’t help him, leading Santa to begrudgingly call on his son for technological assistance.

In the next episode, Headley draws out a humanization of Santa’s emotions showing Kringle stress eating while his son reprimands him for not keeping his computer system up to date. Weaving in sly humor to explain the importance of laptop security, Claus Junior tells his unknowing dad, "In here, people aren't who they seem to be. It's like those guys who dress up like you at the mall." "What guys?"

The final episode reveals a spiteful Santa insisting his elves prepare coal for stockings around the world in retribution, until his son convinces him that the spirit of giving should prevail, ultimately saving Christmas for one and all. Yeay! Happy ending! But honestly kids, this is a good reminder that you should prep your parents computer with anti-virus, as that's the best christmas gift to yourself. I'll be doing that, it may be a full year before mom calls and asks for help in fixing her computer again. Fingers crossed!

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