Norton "Raise your voice against cyberbullying" (2016) 3:29 (USA)

Sad stories of from real people who were cyberbullied. In one case these sad kids were bullied to the point where he killed himself. His parents had no idea what was going on. But if words can kill, words can heal as well.
It's a simple message that needs to be heard every generation regardless of new media: parents talk to your kids. Find out what's going on. Make them talk to you, too. Encourage them. Build them up. In other words, be a parent.

Advertiser: Norton by Symantec
Spot Title: Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying
Creative Agency: Grey San Francisco
Chief Creative Officer: Curt Detweiler
Creative Director: E Slody
Art Director: Bryan Evans
Creative Support: Kate Murphy, Marcus Pettersson, Tracy Silagi
Director of Integrated Producer: Daniel Tuggle
SVP, Acct. Director: Will Egan
Management Supervisor: Christine Cote
Acct. Supervisor: Genevieve Gray
Assistant Acct. Executive: David Hay
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures
Director: Peyton Wilson
Executive Producer: Jonathan Gribetz
Partner/Executive Producer: Lisa Mehling
Partner/Executive Producer: Allison Amon
Line Producer: Jessica Wise
Production Supervisor: Tamika Miller
Cinematographer: Stoeps Langensteiner
Client: Norton by Symantec
Sr. Director of Global Brand and Campaigns: Kathryn Kane
Global Campaigns Sr. Manager: Randi Bartelmie
Global Campaigns Planner: Irene Liang

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