Not your average kitty litter advertisement

There's no cat in the ad. The product shot is very small. And Scoop Away is a Clorox brand. If I hadn't pulled the ad out of the magazine myself I might have taken it to be a spec ad of some sort, considering the lack of copy, tiny product shot, and a headline the size of a tagline.

Is the apocalypse near when CP+B creating stinky ads and a traditionally dull parent company like Clorox has good work showing up?

Client: Clorox / Scoop Away

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I don't think the apocalypse is near (at least I hope), but there definitely is a change in the way packaged goods ads are being done. I just started working at the agency that did this ad, DDB San Francisco. We have a lot of packaged goods clients on our roster. But instead of the normal mindset that accompanies working on packaged goods, namely death, all the creatives here view it as an opportunity to do good work for what has traditionally been a boring category. As proof, another of our ads for a Clorox brand just won a Bronze Lion and yet another won a Gold Addy. Hopefully this is the beginning of the turnaround and not just a fluke- not just for my career's sake, but for the industry and the ad viewing world.

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I hope so too. It's nice and refreshing to see. I mean, we've all seen spec ads like this for clients who never or rarely buy into these type of concepts. But it's nice to see them for real out there.

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I, for one, miss the demonstration ads showing how 'tighter clumping' helps bind the kitty faeces to the aromatized, stovetop-like pellets of sand. ;-) J/k. Good job.

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Does anyone else find it disturbing that the main image in an ad for a product that manages cat waste is a giant tongue?

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What do you think cat T.P. is? No more kitty kisses for you I guess.

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Haha! suddenly realises.... Eeew! No more kitty kisses for me either! But...but.... he's so kyooooot!

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Hey, I like kitty kisses too--albeit followed by a healthy lather with antibacterial soap!