Nothing to wear for that holiday cheer? Sweatertee is ugly and saves puppies too.

Invites to umptebillion holiday shindigs and nothing to wear? Wanna out-do that hipster kid and save puppies too? Fret not, offers six screen-printed proper "ugly" holiday sweater designs, and 100% of the proceeds —$22 for every shirt sold — goes directly to the APA. Ugly and nice. Get one with a faux knitted pattern of beer or Holiday Donkey Kong today.

The APA is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond. Through the support of the community, the APA is able to provide the following services: shelter and care for homeless dogs and cats; adoption services; veterinary clinic; lost and found assistance; and education and outreach.

“We thrive on using design to create something good for people — or animals — who really need our help. These shirts represent that intersection, and make you look totally rad, too.” - Brent Coder, Creative Director, Switch

“Now you too can look as cute and cuddly as the adoptable animals that the APA supports. Good design breeds good vibes. This one’s for our friends on four legs.” – Annie Castellano, Chief Creative Officer, Switch

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