Novotel "That's inspired" (2017) :30 (UK)

You inspire us, your lazy workaholic ways Your "skinny latte. Espresso martini lifestyle. Your cold-headed romantic notions. Your up-all-night, crack of dawn insanity. Your wonderful work, life, imbalance. Every day we think how best to make you happy. As we've done for fifty years." This campaign for Novotel's fiftieth anniversary launches a new campaign called "That's inspired." It celebrates our dual-sidedness. Novotel is for the party animal who is up all night and the teetotaler who gets up and does yoga at the crack of dawn. Besides personality, the ad subtly showcases diversity in other ways including age range, profession, singles and couples. Some nice match cutting energy here.

Client: Novotel
Agency: Doner London
Director: David Mould
ECD: Logan Wilmont
Senior Creative: Martina Langer
TV Producer: Alex Nicholson
Strategist: Caroline Gorge
CSD: Lucy Solomon
Media Agency: Havas

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