NYPD social kicks off #mynypd hashtag, it backfires

The social media account for NYPD thought it was a good idea to start the #mynypd hashtag, asking the public to post photos of themselves with the NYPD. The responses weren't what they expected, with people posting pictures of themselves getting arrested and all sorts. File under: Really, you didn't see that coming? Prediction: opening for social media manager at NYPD soon.

The hashtag quickly filled up with violent arrest images, and it seems that the social media guru at the NYPD has gone home for the evening, as there's been no responses. Then again, what could they say? People who are friends and family of the boys (and girls) in blue are trying their level best to add some regular poses among the photos, but can't make a dent among the thousands of violent arrest images tweeted. The hashtag trended on the east coast USA after 4 pm, completely hijacked to show police brutality instead of friendly poses with tourists.

Those who weren't tweeting images of themselves getting arrested, had fun making snarktastic captions to AP photos. Oh, NYPD, you really didn't think this through.

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