Oberto Beef Jerky - Randy Pierce (2015) 3:00 (USA)

Not everyone has the stamina or gusto to participate in a Tough Mudder event, Randy Pierce is totally blind, but he's all in. The obstacles are grueling and varied, but Randy Peirce is fearless and stubborn, and he is one of the few that manage to ring the bell at the end of the event. "The more I invest in life, and me in those moments, the more rewards I keep getting". After losing his sight due to a neurological disease, Randy did not let that slow him down from accomplishing his goals. He has gone on to climb 48 mountain peaks in New Hampshire, and just completed the 2015 Boston Marathon in less than 4 hours. Randi is the embodiment of "You Get Out What You Put In."

Oberto Beef Jerky

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