Oberto Beef Jerky - Richard Sherman speaks in Compton (2015) 3:00 (USA)

Oberto Beef Jerky's campaign “Heroes of Summer,” takes a different approach to marketing beef jerky by spotlighting the achievements of Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, along with three everyday unsung American heroes -- blind marathoner/mountain climber Randy Pierce, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis and leukemia-stricken youngster Brady Wein -- who have overcome life’s challenges and obstacles. In this clip, Richard Sherman returns to Dominguez High School in Compton, California, where he was a star player and had the highest GPA in his graduating class, to motivate and inspire the next generation of students. He's a good motivational speaker, clearly he dislikes peoples negative view of Compton, but what pray tell, does this have to do with beef jerky? “You Get Out What You Put In”, ah, there's the connection, feed your body junk and you'll look and feel like junk. Snack smarter, be better, do more.

“Oberto is honored to shine a light on everyday heroes across America -- from those overcoming overwhelming obstacles to those supporting their communities – that embody our brand message of “You Get Out What You Put In,”” said David Lakey, Vice President of Marketing at Oberto Brands. “Our “Heroes of Summer” program aims to inspire Oberto consumers with diligence, perseverance and optimism, that they can achieve their personal goals and overcome life’s hurdles.”

Client: Oberto

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