Office Max - Rubberband Man (2003) - 0:60 (USA)

... and the rubber band man does his thing.

Great spot. Lousy new tag.

Director: David Kellogg, Anonymous
Agency: DDB, Chicago

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Great Spot, though I think someone is about to be missing a forefinger. Tag is lousy. "Do your thing" would have been better. At least the music would have been in the same genre.

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Great commercial! I know a guy that looks like the rubberband man without the fro. He hasn't seen the commercial yet. This is going to be funny

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This takes me way back...

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I donated $2.00 just so I could watch this too, I can't watch this commercial without laughing. And there is a LOT of it I had never seen before, they must chop it on the stations here. This has to be my favorite commercial of all time.

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This is the best commercial! I just joined this site so I could watch it whenever I wanted!

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I have say that this is one of the best commercials I've seen in a long time. There was an article in the Chicago Sun Tribune or Sun times last week trashing this ad. The editor claimed that the ad didn't promote Office Max very well. He felt that most people would think the ad was for a dance video rather than office supplies. He must be smoking crack.

Not only did I know what the ad was promoting, I remembered the company. This guy also trashed the Bud Light "real men of genius" commercials. They may not be conventional, but they definitely get people talking and sending copies to friends via email.

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I only joined this so that I could watch this ad. It is terrific!! I have recorded it on my VCR but wanted to be able to see it at work because I enjoyed it so much. The person who thought up this ad was brilliant!!!

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This is a staggeringly brilliant piece of creative! An absolute classic, breakthrough ad. I love the concept, the casting is perfect and the talent's delivery rocks. I love the little nuances like the tongs used to grab a bunch of 'rubberbands'. Who thought that up? I love it. Very few ads connect with me like this one did. And on top of it all, I guarantee I'd recall the brand and have a very favourable impression.

Nicely done!

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always fun the see an ad reach new heights of popularity. :)

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I don't see how anyone could trash this commercial. It's great!!! Funny, it seems that every time a so called "expert" finds gives a bad review to a movie, commercial, t.v. show, etc.... It always seems to be one of the most popular! I think all critics should be computers! A critics opinion is "their opinion"! That's it. And everyone has such a wide variety of tastes, I don't know why we take much stock in the so called critic!

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I'm using this ad in my "funk" lecture tomorrow ( i teach Amer.Music History to college students) and have always liked how the creators paid attention to every clever detail---mirrors on the cart, the shoulders moving up and down during the breakdown in the middle---fun stuff. plus the "musicological" studies of race and pop culture and music and all of that good stuff. nice work! maybe a better tag would have been "prepare yourself......"?

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Did y'all spot the nod to "crabmans" former Office Max character in "My Name is Earl" - the episode where they try and steal a copier? That made me giggle. ;)