Ogilvy Tunis wins the Osocio campaign of the year 2011 for toppling Ben Ali again

I've had the honor to help judge the Osocio Campaign of the Year awards 2011, and am really happy that all the judges have given high votes to my personal favorite. The winner this year is تصويرة بن علي رجعت في حلق الوادي - Ben Ali is back, by Ogilvy Tunis for Engagement Citoyen.

The ad was a stunt, spied on with cameras everywhere. One morning as people were going about their day, they noticed a giant poster of former Dictator President Ben Ali covering a wall. People were stunned, shocked, upset, and some got very angry. As emotions boiled over a group of men decided to jointly pull the poster down, toppling the dictator once again. That was exactly the point. At the elections a few weeks later 88% of the population went to the polls, rather than the 55% expected to show.

All twenty campaigns that made it to the Osocio shortlist are quite exceptional, and I must say it's difficult to judge good ideas for good causes to boot, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Congratulations to Ogilvy Tunis again.

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