Old Milwaukee - Swedish Bikini Team / Truck - (1991) :30 (USA)

True story: This ad campaign made me pretend that I was Norwegian all through college in the states. No, I won't wear a bikini and a bad wig while I parachute to your location just to dance around while you drink beer. I need some beer first, thx.
Aaargh, this is so dumb, it hurts. I bet the guy who came up with this is an ECD somewhere now, bragging about this campaign every chance he gets.

The ad is obviously meant to be a tongue in cheek parody of the stereotypical sexy babes and beer ad campaigns, and at first airing, everyone was in on the joke. It was so over the top, with the platinum blond bad wigs as a visual signal of a kitchy spoof.

There was even silly lore details like the models invented Swedish names. "Uma Thorensen" was in reality named Avalon Anders. "Karin Kristensen" was Suzanna Keller. "Hilgar Oblief", a name that doesn't even sound Swedish was Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst's name. "Eva Jacobsen" was Jane Frances and the super Swedish sounding "Ulla Swensen" was played by Peggy Trentini.

Seven months later, however, the Swedish Bikini team had taken on a life of its own making all sorts of appearances in TV shows like "Married with Children", they even appeared on the cover of Playboy in January of 1992. 

At that point, the parody was no longer a parody, and they pulled the plug on this concept. Despite the short run, this ad campaign is still widely remembered.

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Client: Old Milwaukee
Ad agency: Hal Riney and Partners, San Francisco
Group Creative Director: Patrick Scullin

Models: Peggy Trentini, Avalon Anders, Suzanna Keller, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst and Jane Frances

The Swedish Bikini team models.
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I don't get it - what does a "Bikini Team" do exactly? Like, are they paid to wear bikinis? We need to track down the guy who made this and ask him what the hell he was thinking.

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The writer of this piece of shit was actually one of the Adland crew's former boss, we'll tell you more at the christmas party David.