Olive Garden - Home (Home videos) (2015) :30 (USA)

How do you sell unlimited bowls of pasta and breadsticks? With emotion. Real emotion, the kind you find in real footage, because it's actually darned difficult to direct something with as much emotion as this. It also serves as a double-viral possibility as the families in the ad will pass it along to their friends. The edit puts together a young girl's singing, "I'm gonna be a grandma" Ma, and "the day I passed math" Dad's over-joyed reactions to their children's news. Babies laughing - which is always amazing - , soldiers returning home, kisses and hugs all around to explain what home really is. Home is family. Home is love. Home is more family. And if all of this emotion leaves you a little verklempt, you know where to go and get comfort food. Since Olive Garden targets families with their appeals to everyone (but Italians) Italian food, this ad makes a lot of sense.

This mix of youtube clips ad-idea is getting so common now that I'm just waiting for the day directors and editors will be shunned all together and creatives can just edit straight on youtube their next campaign. It'll happen soon.

Advertiser: Olive Garden
Spot Title: “Home”
First Air Date: 5/21
Agency: Grey NY
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Chief Marketing Officer: Jane Reiss
President, Grey Activation/PR: Amy Tunick
Executive Creative Director: Ari Halper
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Krauss
Executive Creative Director: Jan Egan
Executive Creative Director: Ron Castillo
Creative Director: Brad Mancuso
Creative Director: Susan LaScala Wood
Art Director: Jonathan Hsu
Copywriter: Gail Barlow & Paul Elicker
VP Executive Producers (Agency): Seth Gorenstein & Adam Seely
SVP Account Director: Nadine Falco
VP Account Directors: Christina Pantina & Jamie Shiembob
Strategy: Dominic Hanley
Editor (person & company): Cindy Nielsen & Charlie Cusamano, Vision Post
Assistant Casting Director: Brian Safuto
EVP Director of Music (Agency): Josh Rabinowitz
VP Director of Music Licensing (Agency): Amy Rosen
Project Manager: Jasmine Mangana

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