One more suicide by car - this idea was already done back in 1997

Hold up everyone, the suicide by car Badlander isn't done yet. It's been badlanded once, twice, and now three times! Badland-Ninja Joelapompe points out that the suicide by car has been used in advertising as far back as 1997 in South Africa.

The idea isn't just "done before", it's also highly unpopular. See "My dad never drove a Hyundai. Thanks to you, neither will I.", where a copywriter with personal experience of car-suicides swears off an entire brand.

Without further ado, in order of year created - the suicide by car gag ads.

Nissan - Suicide by car - (1997)

Citroen - Suicide - (2002) :45 (UK)

The Audi "krass" spec commercial:
Audi A5 - Suicide / Krass - (2009) :60 SPEC

The one directed with quite a serious deadpan - Hyundai and yet another suicidal middle-aged man in "Pipe job" this time from Innocean Worldwide Europe.

One more!!! The Hyundai Suicide car idea is officially older than dirt
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