ONEMETH: Google Streetwear View

Toronto-based streetwear brand ONEMETH dropped its Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook via Google Street View. They call it Google Streetwear View. Geddit??
See, Google Street View also has a "See Inside Tour" function, so ONEMETH took advantage of that.

Check it out here. Yes, their website is a Tumblr.

Otherwise, check it out right here.

The FW 2015 collection has nine unique items, four of which were in collaboration with Canadian streetwear brand FADED.

ONEMETH is calling this technique a challenge to the lookbook format. It was shot in OneMethod's office, which happens to be the advertising/design studio that created ONEMETH.

Agency: OneMethod
Associate Creative Director: Max Sawka,
Photography: Virtuo360

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