ONgov "Save the pizza" (2017) :30 (Canada)

The Ontario Government's Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change wand to help put climate change into context, as the effects of climate change could change the agriculture of Ontario. Meaning, no more pizza topping because they won't be able to grow the vegetables. The breaking the fourth wall moment is quite funny. It's nice to see a direction that appeals to more everyday situations, rather than say, the planet as a whole. It's easier to wrap your head around what happens with the idea that the stuff you care about could forever be altered. Let's face it, doing right for the climate for pizza is easier to understand rising water levels twelve thousand miles away which we've already seen a dozen times before. PSA or not, it's an ad. The more effective the better.
Still, it feels like a missed opportunity not to give us one tip we can do in the spot, rather than just make us go to the website for more info. Especially because this spot is one of six in this campaign. All humorous, but devoid of info beyond "visit website for more info." If the situation is so dire why chance losing half the audience who can't be bothered to visit the website?

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Client: Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Ann Byberg – Senior Marketing Officer – Premier’s Office
Veann Leps – Creative Marketing Advisor – Premier’s Office
Liz Hooper – Creative Marketing Advisor – Premier’s Office
Courtney Richardson – Senior Media Content Coordinator – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Kristen Routledge – Director of Communications – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Michelle Burr – Senior Manager – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Thom Jenkins – Team Lead, Marketing Communications - Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Melanie Robert – Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy – Cabinet Office
Andrew Sturrock – Marketing Coordinator – Cabinet Office
Kristen Polito – Senior Marketing Advisor – Cabinet Office
Sharyn Byrne-Nearing – Senior Manager, Marketing – Cabinet Office
Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Creative Director: David Rosenberg / Joseph Bonnici
Art Director: Chris Brown
Writer: Matt Doran
Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling / Meghan Cheesbrough
Group Account Director: Jill Engelman
Business Lead: Afton Franklin
Project Manager: Christian Edejer
Strategist: Celina Bussiere
Production House: Asymetric
Director: Peter Huang
Director of Photography: Kris Bonnell
Executive Producer: Evan Landry
Line Producer: Jason Aita
Post Production / Offline: Married to Giants
Editor: Paul Skinner
Post Production/ Transfer: Alter Ego
Post Production Online: Wingman
Online Artist: James Andrews
Colorist: Connor Fisher
Audio House: TA2
Director: Drew Frohmann
Engineer: Dave Clarke

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