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OntarioGov PSA - Stop Sexual Violence #WhoWillYouHelp (2015) :60 (Canada)

The official government of Ontario have just come out with this PSA, that puts you in the position of a witness to a sexual crime scenario. The perpetrators break the fourth wall and thank you for turning a blind eye to everything from inappropriate touching to attempted rapes. The idea is to spark a conversation about sexual violence and make people take a stand and decide who they will help before even witnessing any of the scenarios. "Stop sexual violence when you see it. Join the conversation: #WhoWillYouHelp. Read the action plan at Ontario.ca/WhoWillYouHelp."

The simple act of putting you the viewer in the position of being able to do something, is quite effective in pushing reaction buttons, but the best part is the end where each scenario is resolved and ideas of how to handle them are presented. In the bar-scene for example, the woman says "thanks for telling the bartender", which is a much wiser move than confronting the guy who is trying to roofie women, which could get you hurt.

Client: ONgov

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Horrible campaign......the rape industry is live and well in Ontario. Horse Face McWhinney must have nieces and nephews (or children of Fiberal supporters) working at the ad agency who produced this schlock.

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Very good ad, more good support like this is need it to help this unfortunately true more and more present